Feb 24, 2009

Mmmm Beef

So, I woke up around 7:00 am this morning. This would have been okay if I had a purpose for waking up this early... but I didn't. That had me looking for something unproductive to do this morning, you know, because if I started cleaning house when I woke up at 7 I would be hopelessly LAME.

So I thought I would make the dogs, and myself some breakfast. For me I made home aid buttermilk biscuits with butter and blueberry jam. Delish! For them...well. I wasn't sure. I started digging through my fridge and found these gems:

Raw ground beef
Organic blueberries
Organic spinach
Organic Olive Oil
I assembled them a feast. They were so excited when I was making this that they wanted me to share with you guys. Probably to rub it in your faces. Who knows the mind of these dachshunds.

I gave them all a big scoop of raw beef, a blob of spinach, threw in some blueberries, cracked a raw egg over the top (Bitsy, Dyllan, and Zoe all shared one egg. Neville got his own), crunched up the eggshell for them, added a splash of olive oil and a pinch of the garlic.

Dyllan devoured his. So did Neville and Zoe. Bitsy, normally the fastest eater in my herd had a different strategy.

Bitsy no like green shit in food. WTF mom. Ack.

As an added bonus, Rhonda included me in the interview game. She picked these questions for me and now I get to answer them. This is a perfect way to waste away my morning. (See not wanting to be productive for fear of looking lame, above).

1. Why dachshunds? Oh, I love me some sausage dogs. Why? They have such distinct, angry little personalities. You can't forget all of the sexual innuendos you can do... that's the real reason.

2. Where would you go on your dream vacation? Who would you take with you? India. I want to go there SO BAD. Bad enough, that I would go by myself...but if I had to take someone I would probably take Brett. I could take my good friend Ann Simon too, since she knows the area...hmmm

3. What's your favorite meal to cook? Who would you most like to cook it for? I go through phases of cooking. This means I cook one staple dish 241 times before I can switch onto the next staple dish. Right now this dish is baked chicken breast, covered in breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese, then smothered with tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms.

I love to entertain, so I'll cook for anyone that will sit down long enough... but if it was someone worth mentioning (not that my friends aren't worth mentioning!) it would be:


4. Would you ever skydive? Why or why not? Ha, oh...this is a hard one. See, I'm not scared of heights, but I'm REALLY freaked out by planes. Like, really. I have frequent nightmares about planes crashing...both with me in them and them on me. Strange, I know. It's so irrational but I'm freaked out all the same. I would cliff dive though, does that count? So long as planes weren't around, that is.

5. What's your favorite blog and why? Miss Doxie is my favorite blog...but she fell of the face of the earth. When she's alive she tells some wickedly funny stories about her evil totalitarian dachshunds. Plus she made my wedding invites and that means kudos to her. After that, I'm pretty obsessed with Post Secret, because evidently I'm secretly voyeuristic. Hey, maybe I should send that in? I round those off with Stuff White People like, Captain Laura, and Jordan and Rhonda. Blam!

Really though, I have about 100 blogs listed on my google reader. How can I choose?

If you want your own hand picked questions to answer on your blog, comment me and I'll give them to you. Beware though, I'm making them up!


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