Feb 23, 2009

Boomer Likes!

So I've seen this game a lot of other places, and I couldn't resist joining in. I honestly didn't think I would get too much since, you know, my name is BOOMER. I was wrong. Turns out the Google loves me.

a. Go to the Google.
b. Type your name and the words “likes to” all in quotation marks. ("Boomer likes to")
c. Report back on the first ten things that come up for your name.

Here are my ten items, verbatim:

1. Boomer likes to help "grandfither" play the piano. (Whoa, how did they know?)

2. Boomer likes to see the first light of dawn. (Well, actually, no. I don't do early. Dawn would fall under early.)

3. Boomer likes to stop and smell the flowers. (I like flowers!)

4. Boomer likes to dress up. (Yes, I'll be Barbie.)

5. Boomer likes to smell catnip. (I have nothing witty to add here due to the fact I'm dying of laughter)

6. Boomer likes to mark pine trees. (Don't we all like to mark our territory? I can't be the only one)

7. Boomer likes to play with grapes too. (Grapes are a hoot!)

8. Boomer likes to go back to bed after breakfast. (So true! See above comment concerning 'mornings)

9. Boomer likes to run and play with his favourite toy. (Didn't you know that I'm really British, and a man?)

and the best one yet....

10. Boomer likes to sniff Cookie's bum.

That was awesome. Now on to business.

Tonight an interview will air on Living St. Louis on my favorite TV station, PBS. This interview will have me, DH, the weens, my best friends K8 and Laura, and my dog club in it. You should watch! It will be on at 7:00 pm, and you'll be able to view it again and again on the internet.

Now I have had a lot of people wanting to know about the Zoball. Zoe is doing AMAZING. She's going to be fine guys. Really! I'll tell you this as many times as you want to hear it, because, it's the best news ever. Totally 100% fine! Zoe and I are going to start agility and earthdog in March... and she's eating (and pooping) like nothing ever happened. The most amazing part of this whole ordeal, besides her miraculous recovery, was the support that I found in my friends, family, and dog club. Due to the amazing efforts of Laura we have raised the full amount of Zoe's surgery. Every last cent. For those of you that donated through paypal, expect an email from me this week to request your mailing address. I have some thank you notes that I want to send out.

Okay, that's all I got. I'm off to sniff more of Cookies bum!


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