Feb 12, 2009

There he goes again, showing off his wiener!

I've kept this on the DL in case it didn't go through...but it looks like we're still on. PBS is coming to my house Friday to interview Brett, myself, and the weens. They're doing a piece on the Barkus Pet Parade this weekend and wanted a rescue dog that is participating in the derby. They contacted Kate, who sent them our way, and the rest is history. They'll be documenting Neville as he 'prepares' and runs the races. Wish him luck! I'll post the link to the interview when / if it becomes available.

I really shouldn't be on here seeing as PBS will be at my house in less than 12 hours and it currently could be mistaken for a college dorm. I wish I was rich enough to afford a maid.

Publicity aside, Zoe had her stitches removed on Tuesday. Her incision looks amazing. We gave everyone a good long bath and nail trim that night in preparation for their interview. Zoe couldn't bath since she had the stitches in and she was starting to look a little frazzled. We even painted Bitsy's nails. That was surprisingly uneventful.

Besides this bit of news, Life is good! I'll try to take pictures of the Pet Parade to share. To be honest it's going to depend on the weather. The Lo-Downs normally get some press coverage during the parade. There is nothing quite like seeing 30+ wieners walking in a parade!

And before quit procrastinating and start dusting... check out this wallpaper! It looks like the problem of how to decorate our basement after finishing it has been answered. Added bonus? It comes straight from the motherland, Germany.


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