Feb 5, 2009

Good Karma

So, I think I lost my Ipod at school. Specifically the Gym.I called the Fitness Center and left a message. I called campus police (that's where lost and found is, I thought it sounded drastic when they told me to call) and they said the Fitness Center reported finding an Ipod.

I was under the impression that no one would be THAT good of a person. Especially some Meramec College student. No offense, but I expected it was gone. Someone found it and was now jammin' to my playlist. I'll be thrilled if this is it. Maybe they didn't like my music selection.

If you found an Ipod, would you turn it in? Would you admit that you wouldn't? I would turn it in... I'm all about the good karma. So I guess that's a purely selfish way of being a good citizen. I'm sure my friends and family would too. Looking at the general populous of that campus, I really think that a turned in Ipod is cause for celebration.


Rhonda said...

Of course I would turn it in. I already have an ipod and heart all my music!
That is awesome that someone returned yours-- Let us know when you get it!

Weiner Woman said...

I got it today. I actually ran into the person(a gal that plays softball) that found it and hugged her. It was so sweet of her to turn it in!

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