Mar 31, 2009

Donate 4 Dachshunds

I read this over at another dachshund blog I love to read, Who's Your Dachshund. This is a really great cause so I had to share!

Being the owners of smaller canine companions – physically at least – we know first-hand how something so small can have such a big impact on our lives. I’m not even going to bother asking if you could imagine a life without your pups. For that reason, it’s only natural that we as animal lovers come together to accomplish something BIG to change the lives of vulnerable animals around the world.Over the past month, the ten contributors of WYD have connected with nearby animal shelters from Nova Scotia to South Africa; each one filled with incredible people giving abandoned animals the love and attention they deserve. So we figured, why not give each of these shelters a little love and attention of their own?

collect as many donations as we possibly can by the end of April to split between these phenomenal shelters. You can donate securely using our ChipIn widget below. We will be over the moon with even the smallest contributions :)If you aren't able to contribute financially, there are plenty of other ways you can help spread the word that will be just as appreciated! You can even click 'Copy' on the donation widget to get the HTML code that you can use to include the widget in your own blog posts

Here are the organizations that we'll be working with over the next month. We'll give you updates and insights into the world of animal rescue and the massive benefit that they have on the lives of millions of animals worldwide. Look forward to video diaries, messages from volunteers, amazing adoption stories and lots of prizes!

Mar 30, 2009

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's....


Yes, it's Neville! Racing at the Hermann Wurstest. The Lo-Downs braved the forcasted bad weather and headed out to Hermann. They had talented wieners and wieners dressed up in costumes.

Then they had the races.

Neville took first place in the cocktail wiener division. Afterwards, we went to the winery and had hot crusty bread, wine, and great company with friends and dogs. The weather ended up turning out to be sunny, and I have the sunburn to prove it.

It was a great day.

Mar 25, 2009

Attention Dachshund Owners

Every now and again I have something of actual value to say. This is one of those rare occasions. This information is UBER important if you're an owner of a dachshund. This was put out by my Dachshund Club, the Gateway Lo-Downs. I hope it comes in handy if you ever have to deal with a back issue with your bean.

Back problems, most commonly Canine Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), are pervasive in Dachshunds, occuring in approximately 1 in 4 Dachshunds worldwide. Dodger's List is an invaluable resource for Dachshund owners whose dogs are experiencing disc problems, from mild/moderate bulging and discomfort to total paralysis.


TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. The difference between full recovery and no recovery in many acute back injuries is often the window of time in which the injury has been treated. If your dog has lost bladder or bowel control and/or is dragging his or her hind legs, it is crucial that your dog be seen by an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible, but the sooner the better. Within 12 hours, Deep Pain Sensation (DPS) can begin to diminish - once it is gone, it cannot be recovered.

Surgery is not the only option, although it is often the most effective way to prevent recurring problems. There is a wide array of conservative traditional and complementary holistic treatments that can assist in the healing of mild to moderate IVDD symptoms.

Dogs that are fully paralyzed can still live happy, fulfilling lives. If your dog has sustained a back injury and will not make a full recovery, euthanasia is not the only option. Most importantly, don't blame yourself! Sometimes, even with the most high-tech treatment, dogs do not recover full function of their legs, bowel or bladder. Many companies make carts to help paralyzed dogs achieve mobility, and it's not difficult to learn how to express a dog's bladder or bowels.

If you can't live with a paralyzed dog, consider turning the dog over to a rescue group before considering euthanasia. There are many families who are equipped to care for a special needs Dachshund and would be thrilled to welcome even a paralyzed dog into their homes. Dachshund Rescue of North America is just one of many Dachshund rescue groups that takes paralyzed Dachshunds.

Dodger's List has created a short and informative slideshow for the owners of dogs suffering from IVDD. Please take a moment to go through it even if you have not had any problems with your Dachshund's back - it could mean the difference between mobility and paralysis if your dog experiences an injury! Follow this link to view the slideshow (NOTE: You must click "Next" at the bottom of the screen to view the next slide in the series).

Mar 12, 2009


This almost makes me want to procreate. Almost.

Wiener Dog Mary Janes

Wiener Dog Onesie

Then I remember the vomiting, and the crying, and the random snot...and I take some more birth control.

Mar 9, 2009

And on the 7th day...

God created Stella.

So, hi. Did I mention somewhere in this blog that I love dachshunds? I think I might have. If not, here is clear proof that I am slightly (just slightly) insane, and this picture is the reason why.

I met a lady that was tossing around the idea of adopting a second dog. She wanted a female, and I went on in search of a great match for her. Cue Mary Todd. (she's on the right).

Mary Todd was in Quincy, IL at the Humane Society. She's a one year old beauty and the moment I saw her I couldn't quit thinking about her. The lady that I was hoping would adopt Mary Todd ended up deciding that now was not the time. I was too involved with this dog and could not leave her in the shelter, so Saturday morning I drove the 2 hour drive up to Quincy to get her.

So Mary Todd came home with me, and guys, she's a doll. She's all kisses and wiggles. She's housebroken. She loves everything she meets...and she likes to sleep under the covers. The Kate met miss Mary Todd and well, it was love at first puppy kiss. The Kate talked to Joe, and now Mary Todd will be going to live with them. Her name will now be Stella and I don't think that she understands that she hit the dachshund jackpot of homes. I'm sure she might figure it out the moment that The Kate takes Stella to Treats Unleashed with her. It's the dog bakery that she manages. Anyways, here are more pictures of this beautiful girl. Welcome home Stella.

I just had to add that Neville loves Stella. I mean, really. He grooms her, bites her ears, and lets her take his toys. Puppy love. Sigh.

Mar 2, 2009

First day of school...

Today, Neville and his father start agility class with a really great agility instructor. I really think this will be good for them both. Neville loves me, a lot, but not the same way that he loves his dad. Brett walks on water to Neville. Everything Brett does, Neville turns into some goofy game, which normally ends with both of them rolling around on the ground like lunatics.... They're quite a pair. I think Neville will have a lot more fun at agility with Brett, since Brett equals good times to Neville. I hope Neville is on his best behavior, doesn't pee on the instructor or any of the equipment, and learns a lot. I think he has the drive to be a pretty good agility dog! (no pressure)

Besides that bit of news life has been pretty much the same, with one exception. I'm sneezing like a mad woman. I'm talking 20+ times a day. That can NOT be normal. I tried to find a reason that I'm sneezing so much, but I can't figure out a common denominator. I have no other symptoms other than, obsessive sneezing. Despite what Brett says, I don't think it's allergies. I would have some other symptoms, right? It was kind of funny the first week or so, now it's bordering on obnoxious....expecially since I'm waking up to sneeze. Any theories?

Oh, and I just have to say hi to my fan club in The Wildhood! Turns out I have quite a following over there.... *waves*