May 31, 2009

Biggest Loser, Dachshund Edition

Hi Mom! We miss you!
Taj and Raja are staying with me for two months this summer. They're great little long dogs, and total joys to have at our home. Raja is 2, black and tan, and loves to play. Neville and Raja are pretty much BFF. Taj is a four year old red dachshund, and a spitting image of Dyllan in his younger days. Well, as far as personality goes.

You see, this post is mainly about Taj. I have been thinking a lot about Taj since the last time he's come to stay. (I watched them for a month last summer). I love Taj, and there is a lot of Taj to love in return. Taj, well, he's overweight. Dachshunds so easily become obese. They're almost like freaks of nature. They love food, and love attention. If they have a mind to, they can break even the most cold hearted dog hater into giving them a scrap of food.

Taj would never use 'sad dog' routine to get food. Never.

Since Taj needs to lose some junk in the trunk, and I love walking, I've decided to document our progress on here. I have two whole months of walking, portion control, and activities planned out of Mr. Taj. I'm calling it the ''Biggest Loser: Dachshund Addition." Taj, I love you so much, this is why I'm doing this for you. I think your parents will get a kick out of watching your progress on here as well! I'll do weekly weigh ins for Mr. Taj and measure his girth as well. Maybe we can get him into a medium puppia harness by the time his family come back home.

For any of you that would like to join me in getting your chubby dog svelte for the summer, let me know how you're going about it. If you own a dachshund it's extra important to keep them slim because of their fragil backs. When you add the risk of heart failure, diabetes, arthritis to the joints, and a slue of other heath concerns, there is never a better time than now to get your pooch fit and trim. You can add years to their life, and there is no better reward!

Please to have no walks? I didn't sign a contract for this!

Tonight I weighed him in, and here is where we stand:

Weight: 19 lbs
Girth around ribcage: 20 1/2 inches
Food: 1/2 c of California Natural. 1/4 c per meal.
Treats: 1 Zuke's Hip Action treat, per day.
Supplement: I started him on the Zuke's Hip Action treats to help prepare his joints for the upcoming exercise.
Exercise: None, I gave him the weekend off

Day 1

It grew! It really grew!

As promised (a month ago) here are some pictures from our garden.

Where we dug up the rocks to plant.

A neat shot of water resting on our red cabbage.

Our surprise blueberry! We didn't know that our blueberry bush had flowered. This little guy was hiding there the whole time.

Tomatos that we'll be enjoying later

You can see our blackberries growing!

I cannot tell you how ridiculously excited I have been about my garden. I feel like these little plants are a part of my family. Our zucchini and peppers have started flowering as well. This might just be a success!

May 29, 2009

All jacked up

This past weekend, Missouri Earthdogs put on their annual Memorial Day Bash. At the bash you compete in events such as go to ground, barn hunting, and lure coursing. It's pretty much the best thing ever. One of the highlights of the event is the lure course racing. Jack Russell's come from all over to race, and dear lord, those dogs can fly. If you ever get a chance to see an event like this, go!

You can see a video of some different racing events here, so you can get an idea of what the Jacks can do.

For the past three years, Mo Earthdogs has included dachshunds into their events. My short legged little kids could never race like the Jacks, but they still enjoy chasing the lure. This year a local photographer captured some great pictures of the dachshund racing. Now, I particularly want you to pay attention to frame 55 and frame 56.

Bettina Woolbright Photography

Yes, , that is Neville. Neville had never seen hurdles before, and came to a dead stop in the middle of the race. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. While the Jacks launched themselves over the hurdles like little springy showoffs, Neville had to boost himself over We call the dachshund lure course racing the 'comedic relief' of the trial. To make matters worse, Neville's girlfriend Stella beat him in hurdles and flats. Heh.

To make up for our less than spectacular racing results, Zoe took the championship title in Dachshund Go To Ground for the third year in a row. She also championed in dachshund barn hunting, and completed her AWTA Certificate of Gameness. This meant to much to me, especially after almost loosing her this spring. Way to go Zoe. Neville ribboned a few things too, but I didn't write it down and I'm not sure what ribbon went to what event. I would be the worst mother, I swear.

Dyllan and Bitsy were amazing cheerleaders....Bitsy actually lost her voice by Sunday.
(My dream come true...)

Also, Taj and Raja are here! I don't think I've introduced Taj and Raja to you yet. They're two spunky little dachshunds owned by my good friends. They will be spending two months with my herd this summer while their people go to India to visit family. They were just dropped off today and I'm watching Neville, Taj, and Raja chase each other all over the house. I LOVE these dogs...they are quite the little characters. We will be having lots of adventures with them over the next two months. As soon as I remember to buy batteries for my camera I will do a proper introduction.

I'm also working on a project I've been thinking up for Mr. Taj on the blog.....more to come on that later. ; )

May 20, 2009

Oh, hi there!

me: I have not forgotten about you. Promise! I have just been busy.

You: No excuse.

me: You're right! But I started gruelling summer courses for school?

You: No excuse.

me: Okay...but I grew a strawberry in my garden! Can I bribe you?

You: Strawberries are delicious...mmm...what will you be making with your strawberries?

me: Strawberry. Only one has grown. But I'll share!

You: One strawberry is not going to be enough.

me: But Bitsy severed her cruciate ligament?

You: No excu....her what?

me: Her Cruciate ligament. Her doggy equivalent of an ACL.

You: The Boo? Really... that poor old girl. What on earth have you been doing with her since you've been missing? Throwing her down stairs?

me: No, no, no, I did not throw Bitsy down the stairs. She jumped in the garden and has been hobbling around since. Not bad hobbling, just kindof limpy, you know. She wasn't really committed to acting like she was really hurt so I kindof didn't believe she had hurt herself too bad.

You: Bitsy was limping and you didn't address it?

me: Well, sometimes she can fake hobbling for attention. I took her to the vet though! Yesterday!

You: When did this happen again?

me: mothers day....ish....

You: That was....10 DAYS AGO!

me: Yes, yes, I know. But she wasn't committed to being hurty. She was just a little hobbly, not even all the time! She fakes sometimes!

You: and the vet said....

me: Well, that she snapped her cruciate..


me: Heh, oh, well it means that it's not connected anymore.

You: I hate you.

Anyways, so yeah. Bitsy totally severed her cruciate ligament on Mothers Day, and yes, I feel like a total asshole for not doing something about it sooner. She was favoring the leg, but never seemed to be in a ton of pain. I have Rimadyl at home for occasions such as these, and I medicated her, put her on strict R&R and gave her some time to get better. After a week she was no worse, but no better, so I decided to take her in to WGAH to see Dr. Britt.

Dr. Britt put Bitsy on her side, fiddled with her leg, and said, " Her cruciate ligament has been severed. I can't believe she's walking!" Needless to say Bitsy Boo has a very high pain tolerance. One that allows her to walk, hop, and ruff-roo her little heart out when she should be doubled over in agony. She's such an amazing little dog.

We talked extensively about the risks of the corrective surgery vs the benefits of the surgery and have decided to treat the leg holistically. She's 13, an anaesthetic is risky enough on a young healthy buck. (Dr. Britt was shocked that Miss Boo was 13. She would have guessed her to be 9, as peppy as she is.)

Oh, and she has incredible teeth thanks to this amazing gel we've been using daily called PetzLife. I have no stock in this company, but seriously, both Dyllan and Bitsy look like they've had a dental thanks to this stuff. It's so simple to use, you just swab some on their gums with your finger right before bed, and before you know it your dogs teeth will be sparkling white. I swear, I've seen it myself. Also, it's all natural. If you're local you can purchase it at any of the four Treats Unleashed stores in the area. If you're not local, contact them on where to purchase it. Really, it's worth its weight in gold. Buy it.