May 31, 2009

Biggest Loser, Dachshund Edition

Hi Mom! We miss you!
Taj and Raja are staying with me for two months this summer. They're great little long dogs, and total joys to have at our home. Raja is 2, black and tan, and loves to play. Neville and Raja are pretty much BFF. Taj is a four year old red dachshund, and a spitting image of Dyllan in his younger days. Well, as far as personality goes.

You see, this post is mainly about Taj. I have been thinking a lot about Taj since the last time he's come to stay. (I watched them for a month last summer). I love Taj, and there is a lot of Taj to love in return. Taj, well, he's overweight. Dachshunds so easily become obese. They're almost like freaks of nature. They love food, and love attention. If they have a mind to, they can break even the most cold hearted dog hater into giving them a scrap of food.

Taj would never use 'sad dog' routine to get food. Never.

Since Taj needs to lose some junk in the trunk, and I love walking, I've decided to document our progress on here. I have two whole months of walking, portion control, and activities planned out of Mr. Taj. I'm calling it the ''Biggest Loser: Dachshund Addition." Taj, I love you so much, this is why I'm doing this for you. I think your parents will get a kick out of watching your progress on here as well! I'll do weekly weigh ins for Mr. Taj and measure his girth as well. Maybe we can get him into a medium puppia harness by the time his family come back home.

For any of you that would like to join me in getting your chubby dog svelte for the summer, let me know how you're going about it. If you own a dachshund it's extra important to keep them slim because of their fragil backs. When you add the risk of heart failure, diabetes, arthritis to the joints, and a slue of other heath concerns, there is never a better time than now to get your pooch fit and trim. You can add years to their life, and there is no better reward!

Please to have no walks? I didn't sign a contract for this!

Tonight I weighed him in, and here is where we stand:

Weight: 19 lbs
Girth around ribcage: 20 1/2 inches
Food: 1/2 c of California Natural. 1/4 c per meal.
Treats: 1 Zuke's Hip Action treat, per day.
Supplement: I started him on the Zuke's Hip Action treats to help prepare his joints for the upcoming exercise.
Exercise: None, I gave him the weekend off

Day 1


Frankie said...

Oh, it would be hard to resist that sad face! Have fun, Taj! You can do it!

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