Jan 18, 2010

Oh, sweet jesus.

I have never in my life wanted something as bad as I want these...

Dachshund Keds

Ooooh, or these

and if you're getting the shoes...you might as well get the scarf to go along with it...

Oh man, you can go on and on and on. Dachshund people may be crazy, but at least we look good!

Jan 8, 2010


Hey, do you know it's oh10?! It's also that time of year that a lot of people out there are considering / implementing their resolutions. I've never been one to make a resolution (or multiples of) because I think you're ultimately setting yourself up for failure...unless your resolution is to fail at all your resolutions, in which case I commend you on your creativity and honesty....not that I think people are ultimately failures I just think...okay this is kind of awkward... yeah, moving on.

So this got me thinking of resolutions that I wished my dogs would make, and I started writing a list. Turns out, there are quite a few of them.

  • We promise to no longer shove our cold feet into our mother's back, or our cold noses into her armpit

  • We will Rooo less

  • We will wag more

  • We understand that our mother can use the bathroom unsupervised, and will refrain from constant supervision to ensure that she does not escape from the secret exit that we think is located somewhere in the bathroom

  • Squeaker toys are our friends, not our enemies

  • Sneaking into our neighbor's yard to poop is not okay

  • We will quit fake ignoring our parents when they call us to go outside when it's raining, cold, or when we're just too comfy to bother to get up

  • Our parents can dry themselves off without our help

  • We will stay out of the kitchen when our mother is cooking, especially when she's transporting boiling water from the stove to the sink

  • We will stop thinking other breeds of dogs, excluding dachshunds, are suspect

  • We will quit rolling in dying things and or poop in the yard

  • We will each have our own individual toy and not all fight for whatever toy that Bitsy is currently playing with

  • Socks are not toys

  • Underwear would not be a toy, either

  • Our poop is not delicious, even when it's froze into a Poopsicle

  • We understand our nails will grow back, and that our parents are not cutting off our legs at the ankles when they're being trimmed

  • Squirrels and things that buzz are our friends

  • There are other ways to enjoy a toy other than destuffing it as quickly as possible

  • What is in my siblings bowl really is the same thing that is in my bowl, honestly

  • Baths are sometimes a nessisary evil, and shaking while your getting one is just not cool

Do you make a resolution? Do you think your dog(s) should?
Have a happy 2010 everyone. Muah.