Jun 24, 2009


So what happens when six naughty dachshunds rub their six naughty braincells together and collectively decide that it would be a GREAT idea to roll in something disgusting? They end up getting a b-a-t-h.

Mom, help us!

We is being tortured. Hurry, what's the number for 911?

While Brett and I were gardening we decided to let the herd-o-doxs "charge up their sunbeams." Charging up sunbeams is a very important part of being a dachshund... sunbeams give lazy dachshunds just enough energy to wake up from their 14 hour nap to make it to bed. Whew. Hard work.

Charging up sunbeams is one of my pack's favorite pass times, and cousin's Taj and Raja seem to enjoy tanning their tummies too. For the longest time, everyone was lying there dead to the world but Neville.

Neville has a little quirk when he charges up his sunbeams. He loves to walk from the sunshine into the shade of the tree and back again. (He's still building up his sunbeam tolerance.) On Neville's 5th trip into the shade I noticed him sniffing something. Whatever Neville was sniffing he liked it enough to want to smell like it so he started rolling with gusto.

Rolling is something that most dachshunds do sometimes...and I didn't think too much of it. (This would be the "ironic" part of the story)

We was framed. Honest.

So anyways, Zoe saw her brother's feet in the air and decided to go investigate. Zoe also thought it would be a great idea to roll in Neville's wonderful find! Two rolling dachshunds promptly caught the attention of the rest of the herd and they all ran over to see what all the fuss was about.

At this point I'm curious to see what they're rolling in. Normally what they find is nothing that I can see or smell, and is no big deal. This time however, they found frog. Dead frog... and oh my dog did it stink.

They were so proud of themselves, till I started running the water. Now I have six wet balls of angry running around my house.

Unamused Taj, is unamused.