Feb 24, 2009

Mmmm Beef

So, I woke up around 7:00 am this morning. This would have been okay if I had a purpose for waking up this early... but I didn't. That had me looking for something unproductive to do this morning, you know, because if I started cleaning house when I woke up at 7 I would be hopelessly LAME.

So I thought I would make the dogs, and myself some breakfast. For me I made home aid buttermilk biscuits with butter and blueberry jam. Delish! For them...well. I wasn't sure. I started digging through my fridge and found these gems:

Raw ground beef
Organic blueberries
Organic spinach
Organic Olive Oil
I assembled them a feast. They were so excited when I was making this that they wanted me to share with you guys. Probably to rub it in your faces. Who knows the mind of these dachshunds.

I gave them all a big scoop of raw beef, a blob of spinach, threw in some blueberries, cracked a raw egg over the top (Bitsy, Dyllan, and Zoe all shared one egg. Neville got his own), crunched up the eggshell for them, added a splash of olive oil and a pinch of the garlic.

Dyllan devoured his. So did Neville and Zoe. Bitsy, normally the fastest eater in my herd had a different strategy.

Bitsy no like green shit in food. WTF mom. Ack.

As an added bonus, Rhonda included me in the interview game. She picked these questions for me and now I get to answer them. This is a perfect way to waste away my morning. (See not wanting to be productive for fear of looking lame, above).

1. Why dachshunds? Oh, I love me some sausage dogs. Why? They have such distinct, angry little personalities. You can't forget all of the sexual innuendos you can do... that's the real reason.

2. Where would you go on your dream vacation? Who would you take with you? India. I want to go there SO BAD. Bad enough, that I would go by myself...but if I had to take someone I would probably take Brett. I could take my good friend Ann Simon too, since she knows the area...hmmm

3. What's your favorite meal to cook? Who would you most like to cook it for? I go through phases of cooking. This means I cook one staple dish 241 times before I can switch onto the next staple dish. Right now this dish is baked chicken breast, covered in breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese, then smothered with tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms.

I love to entertain, so I'll cook for anyone that will sit down long enough... but if it was someone worth mentioning (not that my friends aren't worth mentioning!) it would be:


4. Would you ever skydive? Why or why not? Ha, oh...this is a hard one. See, I'm not scared of heights, but I'm REALLY freaked out by planes. Like, really. I have frequent nightmares about planes crashing...both with me in them and them on me. Strange, I know. It's so irrational but I'm freaked out all the same. I would cliff dive though, does that count? So long as planes weren't around, that is.

5. What's your favorite blog and why? Miss Doxie is my favorite blog...but she fell of the face of the earth. When she's alive she tells some wickedly funny stories about her evil totalitarian dachshunds. Plus she made my wedding invites and that means kudos to her. After that, I'm pretty obsessed with Post Secret, because evidently I'm secretly voyeuristic. Hey, maybe I should send that in? I round those off with Stuff White People like, Captain Laura, and Jordan and Rhonda. Blam!

Really though, I have about 100 blogs listed on my google reader. How can I choose?

If you want your own hand picked questions to answer on your blog, comment me and I'll give them to you. Beware though, I'm making them up!

Feb 23, 2009

Boomer Likes!

So I've seen this game a lot of other places, and I couldn't resist joining in. I honestly didn't think I would get too much since, you know, my name is BOOMER. I was wrong. Turns out the Google loves me.

a. Go to the Google.
b. Type your name and the words “likes to” all in quotation marks. ("Boomer likes to")
c. Report back on the first ten things that come up for your name.

Here are my ten items, verbatim:

1. Boomer likes to help "grandfither" play the piano. (Whoa, how did they know?)

2. Boomer likes to see the first light of dawn. (Well, actually, no. I don't do early. Dawn would fall under early.)

3. Boomer likes to stop and smell the flowers. (I like flowers!)

4. Boomer likes to dress up. (Yes, I'll be Barbie.)

5. Boomer likes to smell catnip. (I have nothing witty to add here due to the fact I'm dying of laughter)

6. Boomer likes to mark pine trees. (Don't we all like to mark our territory? I can't be the only one)

7. Boomer likes to play with grapes too. (Grapes are a hoot!)

8. Boomer likes to go back to bed after breakfast. (So true! See above comment concerning 'mornings)

9. Boomer likes to run and play with his favourite toy. (Didn't you know that I'm really British, and a man?)

and the best one yet....

10. Boomer likes to sniff Cookie's bum.

That was awesome. Now on to business.

Tonight an interview will air on Living St. Louis on my favorite TV station, PBS. This interview will have me, DH, the weens, my best friends K8 and Laura, and my dog club in it. You should watch! It will be on at 7:00 pm, and you'll be able to view it again and again on the internet.

Now I have had a lot of people wanting to know about the Zoball. Zoe is doing AMAZING. She's going to be fine guys. Really! I'll tell you this as many times as you want to hear it, because, it's the best news ever. Totally 100% fine! Zoe and I are going to start agility and earthdog in March... and she's eating (and pooping) like nothing ever happened. The most amazing part of this whole ordeal, besides her miraculous recovery, was the support that I found in my friends, family, and dog club. Due to the amazing efforts of Laura we have raised the full amount of Zoe's surgery. Every last cent. For those of you that donated through paypal, expect an email from me this week to request your mailing address. I have some thank you notes that I want to send out.

Okay, that's all I got. I'm off to sniff more of Cookies bum!

Feb 12, 2009

There he goes again, showing off his wiener!

I've kept this on the DL in case it didn't go through...but it looks like we're still on. PBS is coming to my house Friday to interview Brett, myself, and the weens. They're doing a piece on the Barkus Pet Parade this weekend and wanted a rescue dog that is participating in the derby. They contacted Kate, who sent them our way, and the rest is history. They'll be documenting Neville as he 'prepares' and runs the races. Wish him luck! I'll post the link to the interview when / if it becomes available.

I really shouldn't be on here seeing as PBS will be at my house in less than 12 hours and it currently could be mistaken for a college dorm. I wish I was rich enough to afford a maid.

Publicity aside, Zoe had her stitches removed on Tuesday. Her incision looks amazing. We gave everyone a good long bath and nail trim that night in preparation for their interview. Zoe couldn't bath since she had the stitches in and she was starting to look a little frazzled. We even painted Bitsy's nails. That was surprisingly uneventful.

Besides this bit of news, Life is good! I'll try to take pictures of the Pet Parade to share. To be honest it's going to depend on the weather. The Lo-Downs normally get some press coverage during the parade. There is nothing quite like seeing 30+ wieners walking in a parade!

And before quit procrastinating and start dusting... check out this wallpaper! It looks like the problem of how to decorate our basement after finishing it has been answered. Added bonus? It comes straight from the motherland, Germany.

Feb 6, 2009

On the 7th day

I thought this announcement needed a whole new post!

We made it to the 7th day.
Zoe is going to make it.

Let me repeat that again, since it sounds so so good.

We made it to the 7th day.
Zoe is going to make it.

A good Zoe story for today: Brett and I put up a bird feeder last Thursday. The day before we took Zoe into the hospital. In case I haven't told you, Zoe has a CRAZY prey drive. I thought the bird feeder and Zoe could live in harmony. Well, she just figured it out today that there is a bird feeder in her yard letting in the enemies. She was walking in the front yard looking for a place to potty, and she stopped dead in her tracks under the bird feeder. She looked at me, then looked straight up into the air at the bird feeder. She then did the 'groundhog' and looked straight up at the bird feeder. I called and called her to come in but she wouldn't. She just sat there, looking like a groundhog, and stared up at the bird feeder.

A good citizen turned in my Ipod. It's a beautiful day for winter in St. Louis. Nothing can burst our bubble for today.

Feb 5, 2009

Good Karma

So, I think I lost my Ipod at school. Specifically the Gym.I called the Fitness Center and left a message. I called campus police (that's where lost and found is, I thought it sounded drastic when they told me to call) and they said the Fitness Center reported finding an Ipod.

I was under the impression that no one would be THAT good of a person. Especially some Meramec College student. No offense, but I expected it was gone. Someone found it and was now jammin' to my playlist. I'll be thrilled if this is it. Maybe they didn't like my music selection.

If you found an Ipod, would you turn it in? Would you admit that you wouldn't? I would turn it in... I'm all about the good karma. So I guess that's a purely selfish way of being a good citizen. I'm sure my friends and family would too. Looking at the general populous of that campus, I really think that a turned in Ipod is cause for celebration.

Feb 2, 2009

One day closer

*Update* 2.5.09
So we're one day away from 7 days. Dare I breath easy? I *think* we might be on the mend. She pooped this morning, and it looked like dog poop should. She's eating well, attempting to jump on the couch, taking toys from her sister, getting pissed about being confined in the make shift pen that Brett and I set up for her.... all the things I would expect from the Zo-Ball. Dr. Britt should be ecstatic. I really had the feeling that she didn't think this was going to end well. It looks like it is.

I talked to Dr. Britt about life after surgery with Zoe, now that we're both optimistic that she's going to have one. Would she be banned from Earthdog, her only love in life... Could we continue to pursue agility, she loves her instructor Jennifer... Will she have dietary restrictions....

Dr. Britt said she can still do whatever sports she wants, once she's healed. I'm going to have to get specifics on a time line of when we can start working again. She also said that food will be no issue once she's healed. We can go back to rotating different things in every day. Zoe might have a different take on that, she's already decided that she now hates green beans. I know I'm harping on that....but the girl would eat ANYTHING before the surgery. I think it's funny, and of course I'll give her whatever she wants now. Or at least till her tummy hair grows back. I have a feeling she'll be using her naked chicken to her advantage from now on...

*Update* 2.3.09 - Post Vet

Dr. Britt x-rayed the mass and thinks that we're okay. She (and 3 other Dr's) poked at it long enough till they were all satisfied that it was nothing. We can still feel the stitches from the hernia, so she thinks it's a bit of tissue that she didn't remove due to time restrictions on the surgery, but probably should have. She didn't want to keep Zoe under any longer then she already was.

A total side note, and surprise, The Daily Dachshund and Dog News picked up Zoe's story. Whomever sent them the link, thank you. Zoe really is famous now, and trust me, it's going right to her fuzzy little head. She loves the idea of a fan club....a little too much if you ask me.

*Update* 2.3.09

It is unbelievable the people my dogs have allowed me to meet.

You guys are some of the best that I know.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart for all of the comments, emails, phone calls, cards, and donations.

Little Zoe is a trooper. We're hitting a lot of really good milestones with her recovery, but I'm anxiously aware that things could go downhill at any moment. We wont be out of the danger zone till we have hit 7 days post surgery. The hours are creeping by to that critical day.

That aside, she's eating well and in really good spirits. She pooped Sunday night and Monday morning. She's refusing green beans still, and peeing on her sister. (Zoe lifts her leg....brat)

I have a vet appointment tonight with Dr. Brit. She has a mass in her lower abdomen that I'm not comfortable with until a vet actually sees it. I called them last night about it and we think that it's scar tissue....but I'm still worried about it.

I'll let you know the outcome. I don't anticipate it being anything, but I rather be safe than sorry.

Zoe is home. We're trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. She is eating (boiled chicken, brown rice, and green beans), going potty, and pooing. She slept through the night last night (though I didn't). I woke up every 2 seconds to peek into her crate to make sure she was okay. She seems to be in good spirits. She glared at me when I offered her green beans. Evidently after 17 stitches and almost dying, vegetables are out of the question.

I stayed home with her today and cuddled with her the whole time. She has been laying on her back on my stomach, chin on my chin, demanding belly rubs. She looks at me with goo goo eyes then turns to glare at Brett. She has decided that this is all his fault.
When Brett woke up for work this morning he took her outside and deposited her in bed with me. We cuddled all morning and when I started to wake up she threw her famous brat attack. She lays on her back and throws her front legs around like crazy. She looks like a little cheerleader. I teared up seeing her do that.

I took pictures for you, notice her pretty purple bandage. Under the bandage her little foot is shaved as well. Insult to injury in her eyes.

I can't pull Dyllan away from his sisters' side. I can't decide if it's purly for his concern of his sister, or if it's because of his own selfish love of the spaceheater. You decide:

Even though she's home and in good spirits, we still have to watch her like a hawk. So many things can still go wrong. Again, I thank you for all your well wishes. We really appreciate it.

Feb 1, 2009

My Worst Nightmare

Laura sums it up in her blog, but I thought I should do an update as well.


This past Wednesday night Zoe refused dinner. Not the end of the world, so I didn’t think too much of it. Thursday A.M., Zoe started vomiting. A lot. I followed normal dog procedure for these things and fasted her the rest of the day. She was still drinking so I wasn’t too alarmed… dogs sometimes get sick. I felt her tummy to see if I could feel any obstructions and everything felt okay. Friday morning I offered her food and she turned it down. She was still vomiting but not pooping. I talked to Kate and Brett and decided to make a vet appointment just to check things out. Precautionary. No big deal.

Dr. Kee gave her a once over and when she checked her tummy Zoetried to bite her. This worried me. Dr. Kee asked me how long this ‘mass’ had been on her abdomen. My heart stopped. I felt the mass and knew we were in serious trouble. It was about 4 inches long, hard, and lumpy. It was not there the day before. Dr. Kee threw out words like small intestine obstruction, colon obstruction, and aggressive cancer. The Dr. took my Zoe back to be X-Rayed and I did what I always have done when I’m about to panic. I called Brett, Kate, and Laura.

They called in the surgeon on duty for the night at Webster Groves Animal Hospital. It was Dr. Britt, Kate’s vet. A good sign. Dr. Britt told us what was to be expected. They thought that Zoe had a hernia. Dogs have two pockets close to their inner thighs. Males use them when their testicals drop; females use them to help expand when they’re having puppies. Dr. Britt suspected that the pockets had opened up and trapped a bit of something in the pocked and then contracted around it. If we were lucky they could repair the hernia, re attach whatever had fallen into the hernia, and life would be great. It could even be a mass of fat that had fallen into this pocket… that would be awesome.

It was her small intestine. We weren’t lucky. The hernia had strangled the intestine enough that a large portion of it had to be removed. Suddenly my dog was fighting for her life. Dr. Britt is an amazing vet. She tells it like it is, which I need. She called me after the 2 hour + surgery and explained to me that she was touch and go. She does this surgery all the time, the same way, and it frustrates her. There is no way to tell what the outcome could be, since there are so many things that could go wrong. Infection, the new intestine could leak, the intestine could fall again, clotting. She told me to be prepared for the worst. She explained how immensely risky this surgery was. She told me Zoe was struggling to wake up from the anesthesia. Her heart rate was low….weak. I lost it.

Since then we’ve had good news, as these things go. Dr. Britt calls to tell me that Zoe is passing milestones. She’s perking up. She held down water. Still be prepared, things could go downhill quick... We went to visit her Saturday afternoon. She looked better than when I took her in to the vet. She was perky and animated. This helped easy my heart. I pictured her lethargic and well, dying. If she was going to go, I realized that it would be peaceful and she wasn’t in pain. She cried for us when we left, we cried when we hit the waiting room. I didn’t want to be upset around her. I didn’t want her to worry any more. The vet techs adore her. They say they love her ears.

Saturday night was another big test. Food. Her first meal since Wednesday morning. If she could hold it down we would be looking better. Another milestone passed, a step closer to recovery, even though recovery is a long way away. They called me after her first meal to tell me all was good. She held it down! They would feed her again in a few hours. Rinse, wash, repeat.

I called this morning (Sunday) for an update. They said there was commotion in the back and they would have to get back to me. Minds do what they love to do when you’re worried… they bring dark pictures to you. Is it Zoe that is upsetting them? Did something happen and they’re not ready to tell me? I hope, guiltily, that it’s another dog. That Zoe is still in her little crate with a pink bandage around her leg to hold in the IV. I joked with the vet tech that they knew Zoe well if they were using pink on her. She said a dog like that could do no other color.

So Sunday is here…and we wait. Dr. Britt reminds me that we aren’t out of the red zone till we hit 7 days. 7 days and her chance of survival will shoot up drastically. I don’t even want to write the percentage they gave me for her survival Friday night. I’m not quite ready to face that number yet. Not till I have her home again. It’s looking like she’ll be able to come home tonight. I hope so, I want her home.

I’m not sure I could have handled this if it wasn’t for my dog friends, the people I have met because of Zoe and the rest of my herd. My dogs are the reason I have met you. They’re the reason I have Kate and Laura in my life, the reason why I spend all of my free time with the Lo-Downs or out at Purina Farms, or at agility. They’re the reason I met my animal rescue friends and have built up relationships all over the USA. My dogs gave me this. It’s unbelievable how completely a dog can change your life. It’s unthinkable when you might lose them. I always joked that my dogs were living forever. That the circle of life doesn’t apply to us, our circle is linear…

So that’s where we are now. I’ll be getting the internet on Tuesday so I’ll be better able to update you as I’m updated. Laura has set up a paypal account on Zoe’s behalf. That’s another thing that I do not want to face, my vet bill. We’re trying to figure out the best way to contain Zoe when she gets to come home…so she’s not annoyed by the other dogs but still able to be in the mix. We have to think about her new life, how things are going to be. What I’m going to feed her, is she going to be able to go to the bathroom on her own?

We have to keep thinking positive. We’re on day 2. We’re a day closer to day 7. If you could think good thoughts, say a little prayer, light a candle, whatever you do we would all appreciate it. Every little bit counts, and we can’t thank you enough.