Feb 2, 2009

One day closer

*Update* 2.5.09
So we're one day away from 7 days. Dare I breath easy? I *think* we might be on the mend. She pooped this morning, and it looked like dog poop should. She's eating well, attempting to jump on the couch, taking toys from her sister, getting pissed about being confined in the make shift pen that Brett and I set up for her.... all the things I would expect from the Zo-Ball. Dr. Britt should be ecstatic. I really had the feeling that she didn't think this was going to end well. It looks like it is.

I talked to Dr. Britt about life after surgery with Zoe, now that we're both optimistic that she's going to have one. Would she be banned from Earthdog, her only love in life... Could we continue to pursue agility, she loves her instructor Jennifer... Will she have dietary restrictions....

Dr. Britt said she can still do whatever sports she wants, once she's healed. I'm going to have to get specifics on a time line of when we can start working again. She also said that food will be no issue once she's healed. We can go back to rotating different things in every day. Zoe might have a different take on that, she's already decided that she now hates green beans. I know I'm harping on that....but the girl would eat ANYTHING before the surgery. I think it's funny, and of course I'll give her whatever she wants now. Or at least till her tummy hair grows back. I have a feeling she'll be using her naked chicken to her advantage from now on...

*Update* 2.3.09 - Post Vet

Dr. Britt x-rayed the mass and thinks that we're okay. She (and 3 other Dr's) poked at it long enough till they were all satisfied that it was nothing. We can still feel the stitches from the hernia, so she thinks it's a bit of tissue that she didn't remove due to time restrictions on the surgery, but probably should have. She didn't want to keep Zoe under any longer then she already was.

A total side note, and surprise, The Daily Dachshund and Dog News picked up Zoe's story. Whomever sent them the link, thank you. Zoe really is famous now, and trust me, it's going right to her fuzzy little head. She loves the idea of a fan club....a little too much if you ask me.

*Update* 2.3.09

It is unbelievable the people my dogs have allowed me to meet.

You guys are some of the best that I know.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart for all of the comments, emails, phone calls, cards, and donations.

Little Zoe is a trooper. We're hitting a lot of really good milestones with her recovery, but I'm anxiously aware that things could go downhill at any moment. We wont be out of the danger zone till we have hit 7 days post surgery. The hours are creeping by to that critical day.

That aside, she's eating well and in really good spirits. She pooped Sunday night and Monday morning. She's refusing green beans still, and peeing on her sister. (Zoe lifts her leg....brat)

I have a vet appointment tonight with Dr. Brit. She has a mass in her lower abdomen that I'm not comfortable with until a vet actually sees it. I called them last night about it and we think that it's scar tissue....but I'm still worried about it.

I'll let you know the outcome. I don't anticipate it being anything, but I rather be safe than sorry.

Zoe is home. We're trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. She is eating (boiled chicken, brown rice, and green beans), going potty, and pooing. She slept through the night last night (though I didn't). I woke up every 2 seconds to peek into her crate to make sure she was okay. She seems to be in good spirits. She glared at me when I offered her green beans. Evidently after 17 stitches and almost dying, vegetables are out of the question.

I stayed home with her today and cuddled with her the whole time. She has been laying on her back on my stomach, chin on my chin, demanding belly rubs. She looks at me with goo goo eyes then turns to glare at Brett. She has decided that this is all his fault.
When Brett woke up for work this morning he took her outside and deposited her in bed with me. We cuddled all morning and when I started to wake up she threw her famous brat attack. She lays on her back and throws her front legs around like crazy. She looks like a little cheerleader. I teared up seeing her do that.

I took pictures for you, notice her pretty purple bandage. Under the bandage her little foot is shaved as well. Insult to injury in her eyes.

I can't pull Dyllan away from his sisters' side. I can't decide if it's purly for his concern of his sister, or if it's because of his own selfish love of the spaceheater. You decide:

Even though she's home and in good spirits, we still have to watch her like a hawk. So many things can still go wrong. Again, I thank you for all your well wishes. We really appreciate it.


The Frozen Moles Blog said...

Hmm..I think it's the spaceheater.

I am so glad everything is going OK so far.

Weiner Woman said...

It totally is the space heater. I'd like to think that Dyllan is a warm, caring soul...

Heh. So not true. He's all about the comfort. He's such a Queen.

Rhonda said...

It's totally the space heater (Dylan is fabuliss!!).

I'm so glad Zoe is home-- her tummy is so naked! Please call if you need anything at all.

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