Feb 6, 2009

On the 7th day

I thought this announcement needed a whole new post!

We made it to the 7th day.
Zoe is going to make it.

Let me repeat that again, since it sounds so so good.

We made it to the 7th day.
Zoe is going to make it.

A good Zoe story for today: Brett and I put up a bird feeder last Thursday. The day before we took Zoe into the hospital. In case I haven't told you, Zoe has a CRAZY prey drive. I thought the bird feeder and Zoe could live in harmony. Well, she just figured it out today that there is a bird feeder in her yard letting in the enemies. She was walking in the front yard looking for a place to potty, and she stopped dead in her tracks under the bird feeder. She looked at me, then looked straight up into the air at the bird feeder. She then did the 'groundhog' and looked straight up at the bird feeder. I called and called her to come in but she wouldn't. She just sat there, looking like a groundhog, and stared up at the bird feeder.

A good citizen turned in my Ipod. It's a beautiful day for winter in St. Louis. Nothing can burst our bubble for today.


The Frozen Moles Blog said...

I am so happy for you! I have been sharing in your worry and concern this week, so I feel much better, too.

ccorrette said...

She will figure out a way to make the birds her minnions in the world domination plot and use them as overhead tactile missles. I am glag she is feeling better! Is she gonna get a cool tattoo to cover the scar now?

Weiner Woman said...

You totally have Zoe's personality down. Brett and I always joke that she is an undercover Russian Assassin, complete with a thick accent like Natasha from Bullwinkle.

God, I could just see her tattoo. It would be a rat. Her favorite thing to hate...

dutchbluek said...

I'm glad to hear that your little dear is on the mend. I just really started my blog, and decided to look up other doxie lovers. We have two piebald minis (both rescues,) and lost our red mini, Dutch, in 2007. One of our piebalds, Snoopy, just got the last of his stitches out after a month of healing. On Jan. 5 he got away from my father-in-law and decided to challenge a neighbor's pit bull. Bad move, though his injuries could have been much worse. It's been an interesting month. He's already into mischief, and happy to be out of confinement. I'm happy to know that another doxie lover is breathing her own sighs of relief right now.

Rhonda said...

Yay yay yay!! I'm glad the lil' assassin is back to work/play! Oh, and you and Zoe look fabulis in that photo.

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