Apr 28, 2009

And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva...

For the past few days I've been watching The Kate's Stella and Maude. You guys might remember Stella from when I first went to get her from the Humane Society. Yeah so, let me tell you a little story about love, in pictures.

The end.
Honestly, Stella and Neville are in love. It was the most adorable thing that I have ever witnessed. I would crate one, and the other would lie outside of the crate digging at the door and whining for the other. They played for hours, and then I would find them spooning. They groomed each other. They shared toys. I mean, come on. My teeth hurt from watching them it was so sweet.
I took Stella back to Kate just a bit ago, and I came home to a very frantic Neville. He's *bolting* from room to room looking for her. Really. He's diving in and out of crates and he keeps running under the couch (her favorite hiding spot). He's crying. Neville never whines. Not even when we're leaving, but he's whining now.
There is nothing more amazing than love.


chloejessica said...

Those pictures are adorable! And yay for doxie love! So cute! :)

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