Apr 22, 2009

Rats, Deathstars, and general flakiness.

One thing that I hate.... I mean really hate....is showing up to class to find it that it has been canceled. Really, is it THAT HARD to send out an email to your class letting them know that you wont be in? It's a technology class....so my teacher should be all over things like mass mailing lists, right? Instead I drive all the way in to see that class will be canceled, and I suddenly have three hours to spare. See, all of my free time should be spent attempting to finish the rediculous amounts of homework that I need to get done before the end of the semester. I can't even work on homework because, you know, I didn't bring anything that I needed with me because I SHOULD HAVE HAD CLASS.


So now I'm sitting on campus, enjoying the gorgeous weather, and people watching. I think that people watching is great fun, especially considering the eclectic cross section of people that end up at STLCC. Occasionally, instead of just being voyeuristic, I actually hear some pretty useful little factoids.

For instance, I now know that the little blonde sitting next to me is back together with her boyfriend even though he slept with her sister. Her friend is telling her this is an awful idea, but she says it will be okay. It's love afterall, and nothing is better than love. *sigh* I also have learned from the group of meat heads gathered in front of me that snorting Valium while drinking vodka will put you in the hospital. That is where the one with bad acne was, and why he doesn't have any of his homework completed. Also, I know that the lady directly across from me has just grounded her child for hitting her brother with a whiffleballbat....which is just plain awesome.

See what I mean? Where would I be without this information?

In all seriousness though, I haven't updated in awhile and I have so many awesome stories to share. Perfect example, the manchild and I installed our own garden and he won us this nifty little composter at work that looks like a death star. It's rad. I have pictures, but they're at home and I'm not*. Neville decided to try his hand at muskrat racing and failed, beautifully, when he fell off the dock and into the pool on accident. Though I can't begin to tell you how hilarious this was, it was still unfortunate that this was his first experience with water.... and not a good one at all. I was assaulted by a rat at earthdog, this left me bleeding and with wounded pride to go along with it. With the amount of blood that I shed, it's a miracle that I didn't pass out. I give kudo's to The Kate's amazing bandaging skills.... and I'm pregnant.

No, not really. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Well, I have nothing else for now. I'll post more pictures later....pinky swear!

**The reason I'm not at home being productive is because my teacher canceled class....in case you missed that memo. Not that I'm bitter or anything, I mean, psh, I wouldn't expect the teacher to send out an email or give us a phone call, no....no I wouldn't. That would be outrageous.


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