Mar 2, 2009

First day of school...

Today, Neville and his father start agility class with a really great agility instructor. I really think this will be good for them both. Neville loves me, a lot, but not the same way that he loves his dad. Brett walks on water to Neville. Everything Brett does, Neville turns into some goofy game, which normally ends with both of them rolling around on the ground like lunatics.... They're quite a pair. I think Neville will have a lot more fun at agility with Brett, since Brett equals good times to Neville. I hope Neville is on his best behavior, doesn't pee on the instructor or any of the equipment, and learns a lot. I think he has the drive to be a pretty good agility dog! (no pressure)

Besides that bit of news life has been pretty much the same, with one exception. I'm sneezing like a mad woman. I'm talking 20+ times a day. That can NOT be normal. I tried to find a reason that I'm sneezing so much, but I can't figure out a common denominator. I have no other symptoms other than, obsessive sneezing. Despite what Brett says, I don't think it's allergies. I would have some other symptoms, right? It was kind of funny the first week or so, now it's bordering on obnoxious....expecially since I'm waking up to sneeze. Any theories?

Oh, and I just have to say hi to my fan club in The Wildhood! Turns out I have quite a following over there.... *waves*


The Frozen Moles Blog said...

What exactly is agility training? Would it help my obese miniature dachshund (20 pounds, I'm embarrassed to say)?

Weiner Woman said...

Agility is a sport that dogs can compete in. You might have seen it on Animal Planet. They jump over bars (like horses), run through tunnels, and ‘weave’ through poles. It is a really fast past sport and requires a lot of physical and mental activity. The AKC webpage has a bit more about it here:

As far as your chunky doxie goes, I would not suggest agility till he/she had lost weight. The jumping, twisting, stopping and going would be added strain on your little one’s back. If you doxie is that obese, it's time to have a little talk. Back issues are a serious concern with a doxie that large. Along with all the 'normal' health concerns for an over weight animal (or human): Heart attacks, diabetes, arthritis....the list goes on and on.

You need to hear this. Here is the bad news, you are killing your dog with kindness. The good news? You can save them too!

The best things you can do to help your doxie lose weight would be switching to an all natural food, using strict portion control, and lots of exercise around the house such as walks and fetch. These are easy changes to make and will add years to your little ones life!

If you let me know the answers to these questions I might be able to help you a bit more.

How much does your doxie weigh?
How much should your doxie weigh?
Have you had his Thyroid tested?
Have you tried to help him lose weight before?
What food are you currently feeding?
How much food do you give him/her a day?
How much food do you offer in treats (ie 2 milkbones every potty break)?
Do you give your doxie table food? (This is not necessarily a bad thing)
Do you walk your doxie?
How far/often?
Would everyone in your home be on board to helping your doxie live a healthier, longer life?
Have you joined my dog club yet?

(If not, you should! The message boards offer a lot of wonderful help for things like weight issues. )

I love dog nutrition about as much as I love dachshunds! I would love to help you help you dachshund lose weight!

The Frozen Moles Blog said...

I'll get back to you this weekend when I have more time to write!

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