Mar 7, 2010

Earthdog Pictures - Bettina Woolbright

One of my fellow dog-crazy friends, Bettina Woolbright has another talent. She takes pictures, and fabulous ones at that.  Last year she captured the BEST picture of my Dyllan at the Missouri Earthdog memorial day bash... I just had to share it with you.

We were checking in participants for the trial, and Dyllan was helping. He spent the whole day hanging out on a chair, enjoying the fine weather. While all of the other terriers and dachshunds out there were going crazy with excitement Dyllan was chill. I even left him to go eat lunch, and he didn't move or make a peep. He really is the best long-dog ever.

For those of you close to me (St. Louis) I can't encourage you more to bring your dogs out to Purina Farms one weekend and try your hand (or paw) at some of the working events. It's all about instinct, and very little training is nessisary. The dogs know exactly what to do. If you're not close to St. Louis, look up your local earthdog club and give it a whirl!

If earthdog isn't your thing, you can always get a Dog Portraits by Bettina!


kalyxcorn said...

ooh, i am thinkin about taking Baxter to his first earthdog experience in April. any probs with doggies runnin off, without their tags? i understand they go down the hole naked.

Wiener Woman said...

You should! You should!
Are you around me? If so, our park has all of its tunnels enclosed by a fence. We have never had any problems with dogs running off without their tags. If you're not around me, talk to whoever is hosting the club about your concerns. They should be able to allow your dog into the intro tunnels (10ft) with his collar on until you're both more comfortable.

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