Feb 28, 2010

The Facebook

Oh Facebook. How I love thee. Let me count the ways.

1. Endless entertainment from notsoclose friends having death match fights with significant others / friends / baby mamas. Spelling errors are an added bonus.

2. Even more entertainment from much loved family members that know just enough about computers to be considered 'dangerous.' Resulting phone calls from the older family members that relay said drama that happened on “the facebook” are just cherries on the cake, man.

3. Pictures. Lots of pictures. Though I'll be the first to admit how petty it is, there is a small part of me that loves seeing people that were uppity in high school that are now train wrecks in their mid twenties. Heh.

4. Cowbells. Being silly I put that I "needs more cowbell" as my facebook status a while back. A week later, a mysterious cowbell shows up on my doorstep. Maybe next time I should put "needs more cash" or "needs bigger boobs." The mystery of the cowbell still hasn't been solved. Fess up, you!

5. People that forget that every single one of their 300 + friends can see their pictures, status updates, racist remarks, and conspiracy theories…

6. Stalking. That's right, I said it. There are a few people that I'm really really interested in for whatever reason, but only want to be interested in them at a distance. Facebook makes this possible without making me look crazy. For the most part.

Facebook Fails


Alli and Frankie said...

Oh, I looove FB! So funny. And, yes, the drama is hilarious - especially w/the 13 year old set (my son). I am SO happy there was no FB when I was that age! lol

Hannalei said...

You made me ROTF!!! I have a FB and for me it's the constant bickering about politics back in forth. Makes me nuts. I love the updates of friends and family but the constant arguing. Oh my gosh! :)

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