Mar 22, 2010

Dachshund's Rescued from Breeder

Mistreated dachshunds and other breeds rescued from unlicensed breeder KSDK -- The Humane Society of Missouri and local authorities in Stone County participated in the rescue of 55 dogs living in poor conditions on a property near Hurley, Missouri on Monday afternoon.

The Stone County Sheriff's Department and Missouri Department of Agriculture assisted with the rescue.

More than 40 dachshunds, four Great Pyrenees, a German Shepherd, several Boston terriers and five mixed breed dogs were rescued. Two four-week-old puppies were not housed with their mother and were severely dehydrated. In additional, authorities discovered 12 dead adult dogs and newborn puppies, including a partially eaten puppy, in a rubber container located behind the home.

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More than 20 of the dogs were running loose in the home, which was piled with trash and debris and covered with urine and feces. The rescued animals will be brought to the Humane Society's headquarters shelter in St. Louis City for immediate care. They will remain in custody until a formal hearing. If custody is granted to the Humane Society, as many of the animals as possible will be posted for adoption.

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