Jul 23, 2009

Thinking thin has paid off!

Ladies, ladies...there is plenty of Taj to go around.
Wow...two months can really fly by. I'm not sure if you remember, but two months ago we started watching Taj and Raja. Also, two months ago Taj started thinking thin! Today the boys go back home but I had to share with you Taj's results.
Want Cookies. WANT!

You gives me cookies now? K tnx bi.

I is not a HippoTajamus, I has been thinking thin!

There is still a lot of Taj to love, ladies. Don't worry.

Unfortunately, with my mad scramble to get ready for vacation and the brief period of 10 dogs in my house, I did not get a chance to do a final weigh in with him. I'm bumming about that. My guess is that he lost 5lbs or so, and that he's at about 15lbs. Much better than the 20 1/2 lbs he started at. He is also 17 1/2" around his chest, way down from the 19 1/2" he was. He's now 15" around his waist....down from 17 1/2"!

We all joked that Taj was at fat camp.

Taj hated thinking thin in the beginning, but now he's reaping the rewards of being a skinny minny. For one, he can see his penis again...and well...I don't have to go into detail as to why that's a good thing. Also he has a lot more energy. He run run runs after the rest of the pups in my house. He can also lift his leg up high to pee on things, instead of barley getting it off the ground...and the best part? For each pound that he looses YEARS are being added to his life. Having something happen to one of my kid's (and Taj and Raja would be one of my kids) back is my biggest fear in life. Though being at a good weight doesn't guarantee that a back injury wont occur, it sure as heck doesn't hurt.

Now we joke that Taj will need a Taj tuck for all of the extra skin he has. Heh. We crack ourselves up.

Oh man, I'm going to miss waking up to this every morning. :*(


Rhonda said...

Three things I know for certain:
1) Taj is losing weight
2) There is a part of him, and I’m not sure how dominant that part may be, that wants to eat an entire pizza
3) Sophia is completely and irrevocably in love with him.

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