Jul 20, 2009

My excuse?

This is the reason I have not been able to update...in addition to my 4 hounds, I am dog sitting 4 pooches and have 2 fosters. If I don't post in a while, call the police. Every now and again I catch them in a little hurdle, plotting. They are plotty little things, after all. Eventually their collective 10 brain cells will collide and they will come up with an elaborate plan to capture me as their hostage. I have a sneaking suspicion that their master plan is world domination, but I'm sure they'll settle for lots of treats.

The police would come in to find me tied up and with them dancing an angry Indian war dance around me.....


Captain.Laura said...

I absolutely love the look on Oscar's face in this photo..."who, me?"

Brindusa said...

Oh my Goodness,I just find out your blog and I adore this picture. How can you deal with so many dogs at the time?
I take care of 9 dogs, but I have to separate them when I feed them or play with them.
Good luck!

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