Jan 17, 2009

Your wiener pulled that?

So this morning I went to watch my nephew Rufus, the Dachsador, try his hand at Weight Pulling.

When dogs compete in weight pull, they strap them into a harness and the owner then encourages the dogs to pull a cart over the finish line. After each successful pull they add more weight in (I think) 28lb increments. Don't quote me on the amount, I wasn't paying too much attention to the specifics of the rules. I spent the majority of my time watching these amazing dogs pull pull pull for all they were worth. I was impressed.

It was amazing to watch. Honestly it was. There is nothing I love more than seeing a dog have a job, or doing what they were bred to do. Rufus was not bred to pull weights... but he did an amazing job nonetheless. He took second in his weight class which is great for his first time. He'll compete again tomorrow and I'm sure he'll own the pit bull that beat him today. heh. Not that we're competitive or anything.

That aside, one other noteworthy thing happened. There was a Basenji there named....wait for it.....Batman! Perfect name for a dog with those ears, no? Batman weighed in at no more than 25lbs. Batman pulled 515lbs. It was incredible. Go Batman!

Now, after watching this I'm starting to have ideas. Ideas my dogs would love to lynch me for if they could read my mind. How hilarious would it be for my 10 lb dachshund to be strapped in a harness and pulling a red rider wagon full of weights? Maybe we could strap 3 or 4 dachshunds together...and have a dachshund sled team? Oh, the ideas (and humiliation for them) are endless....

Zoe no pull weights. Zoe hate weights.
Zoe hope you choke.

I could only imagine the amount of spite poo I would have to clean up after attempting to strap my hounds to a wagon. It could be worth it. Just for ammunition I could collect in pictures.


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