Jan 26, 2009


Yeah, so school started. My classes seem like they will be interesting, but really time consuming. So far, each of my three teaching classes will require a certain amount of out of school job shadowing. About 35 hours per semester, per class. That’s on top of the normal assignments / reading / testing / things that school entails. Whining aside, I’m pretty stoked about the prospect of hands on training. I love variety in my schedule, so these assignments will break up the monotony of the week…along with giving me some much needed people time. One of my biggest beefs of being unemployed is being alone. All. The. Time. Add alone all the time to the fact that I don’t have a TV and you start to get a Boomer that has began talk to herself in 1st person. Boomer doesn’t think that is healthy. Boomer needs more things to do in her day. Dogs don’t understand Boomer…. Dogs think Boomer needs healthier hobbies.

That aside, one more thing has happened to sabotage my great idea to start a blog….and well….all of my extracurricular online activities. My DH (dear husband…or damn husband depending on the mood) and I have been living in our home a little over a year now. This whole time I’ve had access to Wireless Internet. Free. I’ll avoid going into the specifics of how I was getting free internet, but it looks like the neighbors have finally caught on and locked me out of all of their unsecure networks. A fact that is kind of irksome, I mean, Boomer has been accessing free internet from you for a year….Boomer doesn’t understand why illegal internet access is now an issue. Boomer angry.

I’m not really angry at the neighbors; I’m just angry I have to go into a technology focused store and try to talk to a person about getting wireless internet. This chore is not on my top 10 list of things I want to be doing. This is because of a couple of reasons, but the primary ones seem to be that: Every time I have went into the Cingular I feel like I’m fighting with the staff to get the questions that I want answered. All in all I have had very poor customer experience there. It’s not worth the effort to change my cell phone provider since I only go in there about 1 time every 2 years...but all in all it still makes me procrastinate against going in to set up my WiFi. I much rather bitch about it to you and post my blogs using the schools internet during class. Boomer like to bitch, and procrastinate.


Captain.Laura said...

You can get hi-speed service from ATT without having a landline...


Weiner Woman said...

I did. I went to ATT and bought their wireless and needed no phone line. I actually had good customer service too!

World, never fear. I'll be back online in no time. (Actually this Tuesday if you want specifics)

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