Nov 15, 2009

I refuse to let her win...

For all of the incredible professors I have had at STLCC, one particular professor is really getting under my skin. Not only do I not mesh with her personally, I find her teaching to be god awful. An example? She harps on us for 10 minutes about using correct grammar on our papers...because we’re college students and should know better and she can’t believe how dumb and lazy and not smart all the college students at STLCC are…..then has stupid mistakes like this in her rubric:

"Points will be deducted error in grammer, usage, capitalization and punctuation."

Grammer? Really? Where the fuck did you get your degree?
Then she sends out this gem to us regarding our online quiz:

"Please make sure to spell and use correct capitilization on this quiz. The computer will mark your answers incorrect if you do not spell the answers correctly and use correct puncutation.

As college students and future teachers, it is important that you submit work that is indicitive of a highly education person."

Why yes, thank you, I will make sure to spell…and while I’m on a f-ing roll, it’s capitalization, punctuation, and indicative you silly woman. I would get it if it was an English course, really I would… and writing like a college student is important, but this is Educational Psychology, and that old saying about not throwing stones while living in glass houses could not be truer in this situation.

Add that to her being constantly 15 + minutes late, accusing me of plagiarizing a lesson plan in front of the entire class and saying that the only reason that she could not prove it was because I must be “net savvy,” being generally unhelpful, unapproachable, and argumentative and I’m ready have some form of a conniption. (Oh, and for the record when I say argumentative what I’m really saying is she cannot stand me in any way, shape, or form and has made that painfully obvious to anyone who’s around.)

Whatever lady, the feeling is mutual at this point.

It is taking every bit of my very small self control to not mark all of her mistakes in red, document every nasty and inappropriate thing she has said to me, and hand a copy of them to her and her supervisor at the end of the semester. Yes, I can be that petty if one drives me to be, and I would take a lot of joy in doing just that right about now. Just sayin'.


Rhonda said...

Holy Smokes! What a B! The problems you're having with your prof. make mine look like small potatoes. I'm so sorry she's putting you through this, Boomer. Do you have end of semester class critiques that you turn in to the university? We did these at Maryville and WashU. You should rip her a new one.

PQ said...

DO IT!!!


Weiner Woman said...

I'm meeting with the head of the EDU department tomorrow to discuss some of my concerns. It helps that I've head this teacher (the EDU head)before and she is familiar with my quality of work. I'll keep you posted if we work something out, or I'll end up going postal and you'll find out all the same.

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